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The Farm Animals

Guests are welcome to feed the animals apples and carrots after feeding time and enjoy their company.

Please arrange with Margie if this is something you would like to do.


At the Fat Mulberry kids (of all ages) have an opportunity to get in touch with nature and meet our animals.

Favoros a beautiful appaloosa, River who used to be a racehorse & show jumper, Willow a chestnut horse and Mowca the donkey, the friendly sheep siblings, Cedric & Isabella. Theo, the sweetest potbelly pig and Honkey Tonk & his Silky girlfriends. Clover the cow and naughty Nicholas & Gabriela our Angora Goats. 


Milu and Lillibet our dogs; Tallulah and Drake the cats and our many geese & chickens.

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