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Drilling for Borehole Water at The Fat Mulberry Guest House

The Free State and other parts of South Africa experienced severe drought in 2019 and we needed to find alternative ways of getting water on the farm and Guest House - so we embarked on drilling a borehole in the hopes of finding water in December 2019.

Jannie and JM Landmann Drilling Services made time to come out before Christmas and start. JM Landmann Drilling Services does work for Gift of the Givers, and with the increase in the horrible drought conditions they had an exceedingly busy time, so we are very grateful for them making the time to work with us during the Festive Season.

Here are some insights around the borehole drilling project from the Owner of The Fat Mulberry Guest House, Margie Jordaan:

· The drilling process was fascinating to watch. We loved to see progress but I’m not an engineer and might not have all the technicalities right!

· It is amazing to hold the divining rods and feel them pull together when there is water underneath –it feels magical, but it is because of the electro-magnetic field the underground water generates.

· The drilling rig sets itself up and is coupled to the truck with the air compressor, once the air compressor has generated enough pressure to bore through the earth, the drilling begins.

· There are 30 meters of piping that are fed down the hole piece by piece, and then removed again.

· A soil sample is collected every meter or so and it is very impressive to see them all laid out – rows and rows of the changing colours of the earth as the drilling goes down.

· At 112 meters the drill hit water. Yay, finally!

· But the team continued to downwards to try and find a stronger flow. Unfortunately, when it stopped at 152 meters the flow was still not that great.

· The drilling rig constantly spews out fine sand and so there was literally bakkie loads of soil that had to be swept up afterwards.

· The rig then went down to the bottom of the Fat Mulberry property to clean out the 2 old boreholes there and found a stronger flow of water.

· Specific rock formations and Willow trees are signs of underground water.

· But there is never a guarantee, no matter how good the signs, of how much or where, underground water will be found. So,one takes a gamble when drilling a borehole for our most precious of resources, water.

· Thank you very much to Jannie and JM Landmann Drilling Services for making time to come out before they closed for the festive season.

Watch this space to see how the water flow is coming on and to see updates on our new herb garden!

For any accommodation queries please email Sarah on: fatmulberry@gmail.com

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