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Daisy, Daisy, Give Me your Answer Do

The story of The Fat Mulberry cow, Daisy, is intertwined with the history of Sandra Lemmer’s iconic store, Turkvy Trading, in the neighbouring town of Rosendal. The beautiful bovine sculpture stood for many years outside Turkvy Trading and Margie (the owner of The Fat Mulberry) had long admired her metallic curves when visiting the lovely dorp.

So, when Margie heard that Turksvy Trading was holding a closing down auction on the 29th of February 2020 she knew she had a date with destiny and Daisy. It was a sad day for Rosendal as Sandra was closing Turksvy Trading, but a special day for The Fat Mulberry when Margie bought Daisy (and a whole lot more!) at the sale.

Why did Margie have a connection to Daisy? Margie has always just loved cows; she used to live on a dairy farm and loves how gentle cows are. And how clever. Margie used to take her crocheting and sit with the cows, such lovely memories.

As you can see, Daisy has joined the other animals at The Fat Mulberry and fits right in! She is perfectly proportioned, and cleverly made out of enamel plates and other interesting pieces of metal provided by Sandra. Willem Pretorius is the artist who created Daisy and she is actually is first “cow” work of art.

Willem grew up in a small North West Province town, Stella. He studied graphic design at the Pretoria University of Technology and moved to Rosendal in 2006 to become a full time artist and to do some slow living. He found a hundred year old house, which he renovated with his wife, and where they now live with their five children.

Willem mainly does traditional landscapes in oil paints, often using the beautiful Eastern Free State as a reference. He also does some sculpture and printmaking.

We are blessed to have Daisy as a new landmark at The Fat Mulberry, and she’ll be enjoying her first autumn with us as the yellowing leaves gently decorate her as they fall.

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